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A lot goes on here every day! Some of the activity is repetitive like feeding, helping give birth, cleaning up, building and repairing, planting, feeding (did I say feeding?) and on and on. Also, we have activities and offer benefits that can affect you directly and immediately. We believe that everything you hear or find out about Attadale Farm should start with us. So, this page is for you (just like every other page). We'll include what noteworthy new activity or benefits are going on and what old activity or information might have been forgotten or overlooked but is still relevant. Here at Attadale Farm the adage"No News is Good News" does not apply.



Attention Walmart and Aldi Shoppers. In case you were wondering, (but somehow I don't think you were) our Jurassic Pork pigs eat better than you do. In all of your econimical shopping splendor, you have exposed yourself to eggs and other food sources that do not even meet our standards for the eggs we use to supplement our pigs. Washed out eggs do not even begin to compare to our free range chicken eggs abundant here at the farm. So, if you would like to expose yourself to better food, come to the farm and eat like a pig.  

We have recently completed the addition of a 30'x72' High Tunnel in which to grow our organic vegetables. We can hardly wait for the weather to warm just slightly so we can take advantage of the extended growing season made possible by the High Tunnel. Our customers will now have access to Grass-fed beef, Pastured Jurassic Pork, Grass-fed Lamb and our Bee True Pure Raw Honey. All of our products are raised to our own personal high standards. Why? We eat it too!  

Why not give a great gift this season. A jar of Bee True Honey meets all of the criteria. Hurry, it doesn't grow "on" trees.

We currently are offering Lamb in half, whole or by the cut. Halves and wholes are $6.00/lb hanging weight. Pasture raised. Contact us for individual cut prices. We do have a very limited supply. 

Attadale Farm is now offering our "Bee True Honey" for Sale. Check out our Bee True page for pricing and information.

Think this through. If you believe you can buy vitamin supplements cheap enough to make up for the nutritional defeciences of grain fed beef and confinement pork, what makes you think that vitamin supplements are made to a higher standard than grain fed beef and confinement pork?

 An interesting observation: Before we began raising Jurassic Pork I was eating the typical commercial confinement pork offered by all the stores. I got to the point that I could no longer eat the bacon. The bacon would sour my stomach something awful and to the point I had to stop eating bacon. Now when I eat our Jurassic Pork bacon, both smoked and fresh side, I no longer have this problem. They are messing up the bacon some how. We are not. Thought you ought to know.

Look for details on Attadale Farm's new Pork-N-Beef Combo? This new offering provides additional discounts on beef and pork prices. You will find it on the Grass-Fed Beef For Sale and Jurassic Pork For Sale pages. Oh, and have fun with the Pig Latin.


The war levied by Commercial Beef and Dairy against Grass-Fed rages. In Wisconsin the Dairy Industry is trying to force out Kerrygold, an Irish supplier of grass-fed butter, because they claim butter provided by a supplier out of state is illegal in Wisconsin. Of course Wisconsin dairies march in lock step to the grain fed standard. No wonder many are crossing state lines to be able to still buy Kerrygold. Such wars will continue to spread to beef as more consumers catch on. If Wisconsin Daries aren't careful, they may be left holding the bag. 

After extensive research, the N Y Times has written an article indicating that after 20 years of GMO, "FEED THE WORLD" crop production in the U.S. and Canada, there is no appreciable increase in output per acre over Europe, who shuns GMO usage. However, there has been a huge increase in herbicide usage in the U.S. and Canada. For instance, while there has been a drop in the usage of these chemicals in France, there has been a huge increase in the U.S.. The harmfully exploiting USDA, as well as our University systems, are party to these schemes. And the makers of these GMO organisms and the herbicides are the same companies. Must be nice! The sooner America smartens up and embraces the truth, the sooner we can rid ourselves of these misguided miscreants.

Do you realize that today's grain fed beef and containment pork supplies are really just highly processed foods with added chemicals and unnecessarily poor nutritional numbers?

A company in communist China now owns at least 25% of the pork industry in the United States. With the Chinese government's subsidization, they will drive down the price and drive out competitors and control the market. Look up Smithfield Meat and do the research. Also I have written a brief four part explanation on our Attadale Farm Facebook page. If you have time, find them and take a look. The information is very troubling.

Every bite of grain fed beef that you have swallowed has unnecessarily high levels of Omega 6 fatty acids and most likely has been affected by added synthetic hormones, antibiotics, buffers and asthma medicine. The ideal omega 3 to omega 6 ratio in your diet is 1 to 1 and anything over 1 to 4 is not good and probably is building plaque around your heart or arteries. That cheap grain fed beef you have been eating averages 1 to 10 and higher while grass-fed beef averages 1 to 1.53. Our beef is strictly grass-fed select varieties of pasture so our numbers will be even lower than average.   Bon Appetit'

We have been talking about the threat to public health by antibiotics being given to cattle, hogs and other animals for a long time now. USDA now admits it is a threat to world health and is issuing directives to force this activity to be overseen by veterinarians who will be under the direction of the USDA who supported and promoted this whole problem in the first place. Being only partially correct, the USDA is concerned that this practice is creating antibiotic resistant organisms. They will now mandate that antibiotics can only be given by prescription and only for documented sick or at risk animals (of course a cow's life is risky anyway, right?). This mandate will not affect how Attadale Farm produces healthy grass-fed beef. We never have or never will give antibiotics to our grass-fed animals. We told you so!